lördag, november 01, 2008


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It’s a beret.
It’s slouchy.
It’s lacey.
It’s a mystery.
And it’s free.
All instructions for the Mystery Beret KAL will be posted in the
Wormhead’s Hats group here on Ravelry - come over and join us! Instructions will be posted weekly, with charts and supporting photos, starting the beginning of November and lasting for the month.
Project will be knit in the round and suitable for adventurous beginners to intermediates. Pattern will be available in 3 sizes.
Perfect knitting for xmas - this will be a lovely feminine beret to gift!

Blir ni sugna? Det blev i alla fall jag! Så kul med en mysteriestickning som blir en Mössa- lagom stort sånt projekt tycker jag. Jag är grymt peppad! (Stickar med Baby Llama från Elsebeth Lavold förresten.)

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